Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Project of the Month - JUNE!

giving out the Project a little early, since it's the first one!

and the project is......(drum rolllllllllllllllllllllll):

go ahead and embellish a t-shirt!

we all need some new summer duds, so make one for yourself, your man, your kids, your dog, mr. teddybear...whoever!
be creative! recycle some old patches, revive some tired tees...just embellish 'em...any way you want!

i must give credit here...i was inspired by two ladies - megan slaboda and loren hagmann.
while rifling through megan's fabric stash one morning, i happened upon the most adorable onesies in a neat little pile all decorated up with great fabrics in all sorts of patterns. they were so stinking cute!!!
and then there is loren! we were chatting about kids clothes and how some are so great that you never want them to die...so why not cut them up and sew 'em on something new....they can always grow with you! (like milja's sonic youth t-shirt! it may be 3-6 months...but dangit, she'll be wearing that when she's 8!)

alrighty, friends! get crafting!
i look forward to photos arriving in my email box anytime in june, but no later than june 30th!

also, don't forget to send along any links or other info that i could post here to inspire and motivate us in this pursuit!!!

this should be fun!!! pass it along!


melissa said...

my girl hazel said...

i just did a project with August's class doing just this! His teacher is having a baby so we decorated some shirts for her...my work is done!

May 9, 2007 3:22 PM

my girl hazel said...

where do i send the picture?
i'm that girl in school who finishes a project WAY too early and makes everyone else look like slackers...