Saturday, May 12, 2007

need some t-shirt inspiration?

check these out:

embroidery (look at "library" and "design"...see lots of great free downloads!)
and more embroidery

will try to add more as i think/find them!!! hope your having fun!!


rachel nyssen said...

wow, you've been busy! look at all these creative sites! sigh...don't even know where to begin...

melissa said...

oh, c'mon, you! maybe it should be a 10th anniversary tee with your little drawing on can print it right onto the paper, or do that iron-on paper...or crayola makes iron-on crayons! but i know you and you will wow us all come end of june! xoxoxo i love you!

my girl hazel said...

i'm off to the fabric store today to start my first project for this blog. it may have to be a baby shirt as i have many, many friends popping them out these days.

love that How About Orange blog...she's got tons of tutorials!
love that!