Tuesday, October 2, 2007

merging blogs

i think for now i am going to let this blog sit...

but to find out what project you can craft-a-long with me on, go to my other blog...

feel free to continue emailing your photos of completed projects to me at mammaknits at gmail dot com

they'll be added to the month's set on flickr. you can link to the flickr sets at pickinguppurls!

see you there!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

holy crap

sorry for that...i just realized it is august 18th and i haven't done a thing about this here blog....sorry, if anyone is reading!

so the august theme is aprons and i was to post some links...here is what i've got...
i love this one.... tie one on... you can even follow her theme and post to both!

some other apron-y things:

the apronista
a flickr group for apron outfits

so...there you go...some apron inspiration (i hope!!!)

i guess we need a september theme...and taking that i need to update my wardrobe a bit...can we make it skirts?? i need some...alrighty.

for this round, could you please just email me your photos w/ info to mammaknits @ gmail (dot) com???? thanks...i want to keep the photos all together in sets, ya know??

alright back to making a pie...a wedding pie no less for my friend loren's wedding today!!! congratulations loren, rich and milja!!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

still time to bag it

needed a new look...the black was getting to me...so new template for now.


got this free pattern for a knit market bag from knitty...check it out. this could totally be done in a day. i'll prove it!
here are some crochet versions.

sorry this site has been a bit neglected. july was a crazy month...but we're back in the game. and market bags are a cinch, so come on and do it...you gotta week left. (and truth is, i'm still getting t-shirt photos...so, ya know)

anyway...i may be revamping the flickr group idea...its hard to manage a group in a way that i like...so that might be changing. i'll let y'all know.
meantime...have a good summer day.

Monday, July 23, 2007

June FLEW by...

but there is still time to email or post your Market Bag for June's Project of the Month!! i know you're using 'em...so let's see 'em!!

by request, we will be making some apron's!!! this one is fun, practical, and easy! when i do not have a baby on my lap, i will post some great links...for now...just dream up your apron and finish your market bag!


Thursday, June 28, 2007

you MUST see this

from lura...this is so great...i must try it
melted plastic bags to make a market bag!!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

it's still june!!!

c'mon folks...lets see those photos! there is still time! i know a bunch of you are good ole procrastinators and are working diligently on those t-shirts - can't wait to see them! join the flickr group, or just email them to me!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Project of the Month - July!...and other thoughts...

so...by popular demand (laughing out loud as i type that...)the project of the month for july will be.......

the to-market bag! hooray!

i have no links handy for inspiration at the moment, but will update that soon. i'm also thinking of posting a mini tutorial type thing for those of you who (and i quote) "have no creative bone in(your) body"....yeah, well, you do!!!

so, there is still plenty of time to finish up your t-shirts...post or send your photos by june 30! i'm hoping to do a couple more...let's do it!

happy end of june! (and almost official summer - tomorrow!!!)