Saturday, August 18, 2007

holy crap

sorry for that...i just realized it is august 18th and i haven't done a thing about this here blog....sorry, if anyone is reading!

so the august theme is aprons and i was to post some is what i've got...
i love this one.... tie one on... you can even follow her theme and post to both!

some other apron-y things:

the apronista
a flickr group for apron outfits

so...there you go...some apron inspiration (i hope!!!)

i guess we need a september theme...and taking that i need to update my wardrobe a bit...can we make it skirts?? i need some...alrighty.

for this round, could you please just email me your photos w/ info to mammaknits @ gmail (dot) com???? thanks...i want to keep the photos all together in sets, ya know??

alright back to making a pie...a wedding pie no less for my friend loren's wedding today!!! congratulations loren, rich and milja!!!

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