Monday, June 11, 2007

Choose your own adventure...

in preparation for next month's project, i want to really encourage group participation! (and i think i'm hoping that the group will grow to number higher than 2! wink wink)

so...please give me your suggestions for future crafts (leave ideas in the comments section), or vote here for next month's project!

Vote in my poll!

details on the choices:(i'll add links as i find 'em)
Fabric Yo-Yo Craziness, tools hereTo-Market Bag...say goodbye to plastic bags and just use this instead!!
Kid's out for summer!!
Cool Drink Coasters...prevent drips in style...


Anonymous said...

Hi Melissa, Rachel's cousin here.. Tania... I finally subscribed to your blog and am checking out your craft of the month idea... can I participate from so far away?? Sounds fun.. I love the crafty stuff... and with school out, the idea help is much needed. Catch up on my blog too, it's worth a good belly aching laugh!

melissa said...

hello, tania!!! so good to hear from you and YES, PLEASE participate...that's the hope...that we will all be somehow doing the same thing all over the place! i loved seeing the photos of your kids...what a family!!! you must be busy! will you be coming out to charis' wedding?? maybe i'll see you then!